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Stamford Exotic Gift Set Incense

Stamford Gift Set

This Stamford Exotic Incense Stick Gift Pack comes with 6 packs of 20 cored incense sticks. Stamford produces Incense Sticks using the highest quality ingredients and materials for a fantastic price.


Don’t be fooled by the price, Stamford Incense Sticks are famous for their quality products and the refined nature of the fragrances produced by them. These incense sticks are made using pure essential oils, spices and traditional recipes to create an unrivaled stick.


To enjoy the fine fragrances produced by these Stamford incense sticks just light the end and wait for it to glow, then blow out the flame and place into an incense holder. Sit back and let the fragrance gently waft through your home.


• Stamford Incense Stick Gift Pack

• Contains Patchouli Incense Sticks

• Contains Sandalwood Incense Stick

• Contains Aloe Vera Incense Sticks

• Contains Lavender Incense Sticks

• Contains Amber Incense Sticks

• Contains Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks

• Hand-rolled with natural ingredients

• Made from perfumery raw materials only

• Made in India

• Each pack contains 20 Incense Sticks

• Recyclable packaging

• Approx stick burn time: 30 minutes


Manufacturer Code: 37146


12 Packs per Unit

Quantity Per Carton: 96 Packs
Product Bar Code: 5028691371464
Outer Bar Code: 5028691381463


Stamford Gift Set