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Stamford Masala Incense


White Sage

Specially formulated to get the best aromatic fragrance, give these Stamford White Sage Masala Incense Sticks a chance to flow through your home.


Specially formulated to get the best aromatic fragrance, give these Stamford Sandalwood Masala Incense Sticks a chance to flow through your home.


Feel the power of the lord filtering all around you with these lovely Divine Stamford Masala Incense Sticks.


Filled with wonder and charm, these Musk Stamford Masala Incense Sticks are the perfect way to set the appropriate mood.

Midnight Calm

Bring the inspiring calm of the night into your home with these breathtaking Midnight Calm Stamford Masala Incense Sticks.

Lavender Fields

Fields of serenity await you with these relaxing Lavender Fields Stamford Masala Incense Sticks.

Rose Garden

Blissful and fragrant, these Rose Garden Stamford Masala Incense Sticks are sure to get you feeling uplifted.

Patchouli Woods

Surround yourself and allow your senses to bask in the fragrant cloud of serenity with these Patchouli Woods Stamford Masala Incense Sticks.


Chandan is the traditional Indian names for Sandalwood. Use this Stamford Masala Sandalwood incense to create a warm woody atmosphere at home.

Ganesh Flora

Ganesh is the Indian Elephant God known to remove obstacles in one’s way. Use this delightful Ganesh Flora incense to eliminate bad odours and create a spiritual divine atmosphere.


Gugal is a type of traditional Indian Frankincense. This unique fragrance creates an earthy natural atmosphere.

Laxmi Pooja

Laxmi is the Indian Goddess of wealth. Use this Laxmi Pooja incense as an essential prayer incense.


Loban is the traditional Indian name for Benzoin. Use this Stamford Loban incense to create a natural forest aroma in your home.

Om Shanti

“Om Shanti” means “Peace be with you”. Use this Stamford Om Shanti Incense to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Buddha Blessings

The Great Buddha is known for his calm mind leading to enlightenment. Use this Stamford Buddha Blessings Masala to calm your mind and achieve peace.


The effects of aromatic cinnamon are said to be stimulating, heating and carminative. This rich masala Cinnamon is one of the most elegant fragrances.


This incense contains Citronella oil which is a very effective insect repellent. This rich masala Citronella fragrance has a fresh and dewy aroma.

Dragons Blood

Dragons Blood is a powerful fragrance which uplifts your spirits and creates a vibrant atmosphere.


Frankincense has long been treasured for its thick clouds of rich scent. This rich masala Frankincense helps quieten the mental chatter, allowing us to connect to our inner spirit.


Jasmine flowers originating mainly from Southern India are often associated with Love & Prosperity. This rich masala Jasmine incense has a pleasant & long lasting fragrance.


Stamford Meditation incense is a blend of fine essential oils which create a calming atmosphere suitable for meditation.


This heady & exotic fragrance creates an atmosphere of celebration & harmony. This opium is made from perfumery raw materials only. This incense does not contain Opium or any other banned/harmful materials.

Stress Relief

Stamford Stress Relief incense is a blend of fine essential oils which calm the mind and create a peaceful environment.


Vanilla fragrance, used by the Aztecs to reduce stress and anxiety. This rich masala vanilla is said to help in turning your scattered energy into creative enthusiastic vitality.


Pakeezah is one of the finest Indian incenses available in the world. Made using pure natural ingredients, Pakeezah is a strong long lasting fragrance.


Oudh is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world. It has an intoxicating musky scent that can be quite potent and has been used for centuries in India and the Middle East.

Californian White Sage

Calfornian White Sage is said to have many medicinal benefits. This rich masala Californian White Sage fragrance is a wonderfully light scent that may soothe and calm your senses.