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Stamford Incense is a specialist manufacturer of incenses with a focus on product quality and creativity, Stamford London soon became one of the leading incense producers in the United Kingdom.

We believe Incense needs to be gentle and clean burning to release the rich fragrance of incense. This was the inspiration that spurred on the development of the current range of Stamford Incenses. At Stamford we pride ourselves on our creativity, and this doesn’t stop with our products. Since the beginning our aim has been to use the best, safest and most beautiful ingredients.

We have discovered that if you want the best ingredients, you have to go out and find them yourself in the wider world. Our dedicated Buying team works tirelessly to ensure that’s what we get. Often this involves a great deal of creative thinking and finding solutions to problems, such as sourcing the finest essential oils and absolutes, the best natural raw materials, safe synthetics.

Wide Range
With a wide array of scents that are each unique and distinct, the brand currently offers more than 35 choices of fragrances, with exclusive floral, herbal, oriental, woody, fruity and cosmetic undertones. Our range of incense have captured the imagination of millions.
Multi-functional and diverse, these incense can be used during prayers, yoga, meditation and for making your environment pleasant and aromatic. The packaging is done with great care and keeping in mind the needs of different sections of users.

Hand Crafted
Stamford Incense hand rolled using only the purest, highest quality ingredients. Manufactured using traditional techniques and timeless recipes handed down through the generations. A clean, smooth burning incense that transports you to another world with soothing fragrances to suit every mood or meditation.
Our Standards in manufacturing and production process protect workers’ basic rights; from keeping them safe and healthy, allowing them freedom of association, to preventing discrimination and ensuring no bonded or illegal child labour.